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Whether it’s repairing or replacing existing damaged sewer lines or repairing or replacing existing water lines, we can meet your needs. Our mini excavator can dig up to 8 ft. deep. The trencher can dig water lines 2+ feet.

Sewer lines can deteriorate or become blocked with tree roots or other debris

Over time sewer lines can become blocked with roots, debris or can deteriorate and cause leaks. If lines are severely deteriorated, they can collapse. With our digital camera we can locate stubborn sewer blockages or line damage to repair or replace the line more efficiently. Our mini excavator can dig up to 8 ft. deep if necessary. 

Water lines can leak overtime and become costly and need to be repaired or replaced

High water bills can indicate a water leak. We can locate and repair or replace your water line if repairing is not an option due to severe deterioration. With our trencher we can dig 2 ft. +. Another option to prevent disturbing well-landscaped lawns, shrubbery, sidewalks, and driveways is directional boring underground instead of excavating. Some homeowners have chosen this option because they want to preserve their lawn, ornamental shrubbery, sidewalk or driveway.

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