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Clogged or sluggish drain, toilets, tubs and sinks are a common complaint. They can be cleared with our cabling machines or high pressure water jetter for the sewer main. Digital recording with our camera can locate an underground line in order to excavate or make a repair.

Repeated clogged up drains can be a sign of a more serious issue

Drains can deteriorate with time and some can even collapse. Roots and other debris can make drains clogged or sluggish. Simply running a machine down a line to unclog it doesn’t always provide a long term fix. Chronic problems might require extensive replacement.

Camera visualization is sometimes necessary to evaluate stubborn drain blockage

Visualization with our state of the art digital camera might be necessary to see what’s going on with the clog drain. This camera can visualize a line up to 150 ft. from point of entry. Not all plumbing contractors have this equipment and it does save the customer time and money when needed. Visualizing the stubborn clog can help locate collapsed lines, roots or debris for possible excavation to make a repair.

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