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When hot water heaters are not working properly, they can be costly for your business.

Significant hot water heater leaks can cause major water damage or mold growth and create unnecessary repairs. Improperly working thermostats can cause the water heater to work inefficiently and increase power bills.  Pressure reducing valves and thermo expansion tanks, which are required for businesses with county or city water, can cause too much pressure on the tank if they are not present or not working properly.  Too much pressure is a serious problem and can actually cause the hot water heater to burst.  Any concerns about a hot water heater issue should be addressed immediately.  Our specialist can evaluate and repair the heater if possible.  If your heater can not be safely repaired, we can provide installation of several types of heaters depending on your business needs.

If repair of your hot water heater is not an option, and you need replacement, we offer many types of heaters to meet your needs.

If a standard water heater will not provide enough hot water or your business, we install electric and gas commercial size water heaters.  A standard heater is the least costly to install and replace but it is not as energy efficient as a tankless heater.  A tankless (on-demand) heater is the most energy efficient and can be linked together with another tankless heater if more hot water is needed.  Another option is a point of use heater which is located at the fixture (for one sink only) and uses energy on demand to provide instant hot water for that fixture.

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